We are a husband-and-wife team who have been in the DJ business for 15 years. We know and understand you want everything perfect. And we will deliver.

We have the equipment and the experience to do things that a lot of our competition cannot or will not do. From seating music for your guests at the ceremony to the last dance of the night and everything in between even if it is in three in separate locations.

Our upbeat and positive show with no breakup or sad songs will entertain any age. And We take no breaks.

You choose the songs you want for all of your special dances ahead of time. If you want a custom mix of songs to make a special dance uniquely yours, we can do that to at no extra charge.

You can choose all of the songs for your wedding night or none of them. We take requests on wedding night and play 99% of the songs requested. (If they are appropriate.)

The day is all about you and your fiancé. At any time if our couple makes a request. It is done.

We do all of your announcing at no extra charge.